Please Sign In

The iPad Sign-In Sheet


What happens to the data I collect?

Users of Please Sign In may collect private information with our app. This private information is sent to the user via email. We recognize the private nature of this information and take steps to ensure that the information is kept absolutely private.

Please Sign In transmits the information over a secure SSL connection, then sends emails to both the user and the signee directly. Once the email has been sent, we immediately delete all private information. We retain the data only for as long as it takes to send the email. After the emails are sent, we have no way to access any private data collected by our users.

I just signed a form, where did my data go?

If you just signed a form on an iPad using Please Sign In, your data has been sent directly to the person who asked you to sign the form. You may receive a copy as well. As soon as your data was sent, it was deleted from our servers. We have no records of what you signed or what data may have been collected. If you have further questions, please contact the person who asked you to sign the form.

What data do you store?

We record the purchases each user makes and the number of sign-ins used. We also retain the "Report Email" for each sign-in to provide support. We will never share this email address with anyone, and we only access this information if specifically asked by a user.

Are these signatures legally binding?

We are not lawyers, so we cannot give legal advice. That said, Please Sign In will be useful in a variety of situations, legal or otherwise. We recommend that you speak to a lawyer in your area if you are concerned about legal issues.